1. I love his fully erect cock. So thick and long, need it in both my holes now…

    - Skylar & Stoner

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  2. Here’s a collection of some of my nudes guys; I get horny and can’t help myself! ;D…

    - Skylar <3

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    Stoner fucked me the other night, and it was so amazing…

    He climbed on top of me while I was falling asleep and started nibbling my ear and kissing my neck. When he began slipping his large cock into me, I had to moan into the pillow to keep from waking our roommate, he always has to stretch me open so he can fit.

    It was so hard and powerful as he held me down and pounded my hole…

    I could feel when his cock was pushing the cum into me and filling me up, nothing feels more right, then he turned me over and swallowed my heavy load down his throat. (;

    I love having a sweet, hot boyfriend who knows how to fuck…

    - Skylar & Stoner

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    Smart ass daddy!

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    Peeking Out Males
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